Feb 28, 2019

Transform a Scarf into a Necklace

Lynn Muir
Blogger at Pocketful of Paint

The key to great outfits? Accessories! A scarf necklace is a great way to add a trendy touch to an everyday getup. Also, this is a great DIY project to do with your daughters or nieces or for church youth groups. Here’s how to make your very own scarf necklace:

1. Visit your local thrift store to find scarves. Try to find scarves that are about two to four inches wide. If you find a thicker one you just love, that’s OK! You can trim it down to the correct width later. You will also need some wooden beads for this project, so pick those up while you’re out shopping as well.

Here’s the scarf my daughter and I picked. It was only two dollars and had great colors!

2. Once you get home, you might need to trim the length or width of the scarf. Aim for two to four inches wide and two to three feet long. You can always trim down the length after making the necklace. The length depends on where you want the necklace to hit your torso.

3. Pull out your wooden beads. Slide a bead onto the fabric, and center it in the middle of your scarf. Tie a simple knot next to the bead on either side.

Tie a knot on either side of the bead.
If you have a hard time getting the bead threaded on the scarf, use a bobby pin to help push the fabric through the hole in the bead.

4. Continue to slide beads onto both sides of the necklace, tying a knot after each one. I usually use about five to seven beads for this type of necklace, but any number will work. It’s all up to how you want the necklace to look.

5. When you’ve finished adding beads and tying knots, double-check the length of the necklace. If it’s too long, trim the ends of the scarf until you have the right length. Finish by knotting the ends of the scarf together.

There you have it! A homemade necklace that will add a little something to your wardrobe.

Lynn is a mom, entrepreneur, and crafter who loves helping other people get crafty. She lives in Utah with her husband and their four kids. She and her husband are both self-employed, and when Lynn isn’t at the office with her husband, you can find her at home taking pictures, trying new recipes, crafting with her children, using power tools in the garage, or throwing craft parties. To see more of Lynn’s DIY projects, follow her on Instagram, and check out her blog, Pocketful of Paint.