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We assist Church leaders in caring for those in need by providing work adjustment, development counseling, and job placement services to help individuals with barriers to employment foster greater hope and self-reliance. Individuals access these services through the authorization of their bishop.

Deseret Industries (DI)

DI helps individuals become self-reliant by providing the following:

  • Work Adjustment — Staff members coach individuals to improve work behaviors (such as punctuality, dress and grooming, staying on task, and so on) so they can be successful in obtaining and maintaining employment.

  • Bishop’s Orders — Bishops can write an order for a family or individual to receive needed items from DI (such as new and used furniture, clothing, bedding, and so on).

  • Community Grants — DI partners with charitable organizations in the community to provide the individuals they serve with DI items (such as furniture, clothing, bedding, and so on) at no cost.

Development Counseling Services (DCS)

DCS helps individuals overcome barriers to employment by providing the following:

  • Vocational Counseling — Counselors administer career tests, assess the results, and coach individuals to select a career and work toward their goals.
  • Skills Training — Staff coordinate training or certification programs that will help individuals develop the skills they need to get a job in their desired career field (e.g., CNA, CDL, welding, software development certifications, and so on). DI funds or community resources may be used to help pay for the training.
  • Business Partnerships — Staff organize on-the-job training experiences in which individuals work at a business temporarily while DI funds pay their wage. Individuals are often hired by the business following the experience.
  • Professional Consultation — Counselors consult with Church leaders, service providers, members, and mentors.

Job Placement Services (JPS)

JPS helps place individuals into employment by providing the following:

  • Job Search Skills Workshop (JSSW) — Individuals learn and practice basic job search skills in this workshop.
  • Advanced Placement Program (APP) — Individuals participate in a program that uses a daily job search group to focus on effective job search strategies, daily planning, and participant accountability.
  • One-on-One Coaching — Staff provide one-on-one coaching throughout the job search process.
  • Account Representative Professional Placement — Displaced professionals are hired temporarily to develop job leads for others and networking opportunities for themselves.
  • Resource Development — Job developers cultivate relationships with employers to target job opportunities for individuals seeking employment.

Learn more about the Deseret Industries program on our employment page.

Questions & Answers

We help individuals learn successful work skills that will help them be successful in today's competitive job market.

How do I give special assistance through DI to an individual or family in need?

Leaders can fill bishop orders with Deseret Industries to help individuals in need of clothing and household goods. In addition, bishops can give a referral for an individual to work with us to learn needed work and life skills.

How do I refer someone to get training at DI?

A bishop can give a referral for services to an individual to take to the local DI location to help determine if this program is the right fit for them. (Bishops may order referral forms from, form # 31480.)

What are the requirements to qualify for the training program?

Those who have barriers to obtaining and maintaining adequate employment in the community are eligible.  Safety and other considerations may be taken into account in determining eligibility.  Contact your local store for more information.

How can members of my ward volunteer at a store?

A bishop’s request is not required. Individuals or groups can contact their local DI to see what volunteer opportunities are available.

Agent Stake Operating Committee

Every Deseret Industries store is managed ecclesiastically by an agent stake president and his operating committee. This  training can be used in the committee to help committee members understand their roles and how they can partner with Deseret Industries to support associates.

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