For Leaders

We Are Here For You

Our mission is to help Church leaders help individuals within their area. With Deseret Industries there are so many ways to make a difference.

What We Do

We can work with individuals in our service areas who have a bishop's referral and are in need of work and training.


Our stores offer quality merchandise at a low price for those in need; items are offered at no cost through a bishop's order.


Members have the opportunity to donate merchandise to assist the Deseret Industries program.


Members can volunteer their time and talents to help transform lives as a Church-service missionary or through other volunteer opportunities.


Career and Technical Education

We partner with community colleges, applied technology centers, and other institutions that offer training courses in accounting, information technology, health care, and other areas.

Business Partnerships  *

Associates may work in a chosen career in an internship-type experience at a business who partners with us, developing skills and confidence while showing an employer they can do the job.

Questions & Answers

We help individuals learn successful work skills that will help them be successful in today's competitive job market.

What can be donated?

See the Donation Guidelines for a list of items we are able and not able to accept.

Can DI pick up donations if they can't be delivered to a store?

Pick up requests are not available in most locations. Contact your local DI if this service is required. See the donations page for more information about donating to DI.

Who can shop at a DI store?

Everyone is welcome to shop with us. Find a store near you.

How do I give special assistance through DI to an individual or family in need?

Leaders can fill bishop orders with Deseret Industries to help individuals in need of clothing and household goods. In addition, bishops can give a referral for an individual to work with us to learn needed work and life skills.

How do I refer someone to get training at DI?

A bishop can give a referral for services to an individual to take to the local DI location to help determine if this program is the right fit for them. (Bishops may order referral forms from, form # 31480.)

What are the requirements to qualify for the training program?

Those who have barriers to obtaining and maintaining adequate employment in the community are eligible.  Safety and other considerations may be taken into account in determining eligibility.  Contact your local store for more information.

Do you need your bishop's approval to volunteer at a store?

A bishop's request is not required. Individuals or groups can contact their local DI to see what volunteer opportunities are available.

How Do I Get Started?

If you're interested in volunteering, contact your local DI store to find out about service opportunities. Talk to your bishop if you're interested in being a service missionary. We appreciate your desire to serve in your community.

For the Leaders

Groups and individuals can volunteer at DI. The gift of your time in service at your local store is a great way for individuals and a ward to bless the lives of others.