Helping Those Who Struggle with Employment

As a Church leader, you may have those in your care who face employment challenges. We’re here to help. Deseret Industries is a great place for those who:

  • Are returning to the workforce.
  • Have struggled in previous jobs.
  • Need additional work skills or education.
  • Lack work experience.
  • Struggle with poor work habits or lack of self-confidence.
  • Are preparing to leave for or have recently returned from a mission.
  • Struggle finding a career direction.

Deseret Industries can also help people get started in many different career fields. Visit Badge-to-Badge Videos: How Deseret Industries Helps to learn more about the type of help we offer.

To get started, contact a Deseret Industries store or development counselor near you.

Services We Provide

In the following video, get an overview of 10 things Deseret Industries does to help those struggling with employment or those in need of physical resources.

Additional employment opportunities exist at Deseret Manufacturing, which is a great option for those who are interested in developing skills in product assembly, manufacturing, and distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who might be a good fit for training?

Deseret Industries is a great place for anyone struggling with employment.

What other Church programs might provide training?

Deseret Industries is one of many Church programs that provide support and training. To make the most of opportunities available, we might collaborate with other Church programs, such as Self-Reliance Services and PathwayConnect.

How do I refer someone for training?

You can submit an online referral through the Welfare Resources system. You can also refer individuals by contacting the store directly via email, phone or in person.

What is a business partnership?

During a business partnership, individuals who need training and experience have a short-term work opportunity with an outside company or organization. Deseret Industries pays their wages, and they are able to explore future career options and opportunities.

How can I provide commodities from Deseret Industries to a family or individual in need?

You can fill bishops’ orders with Deseret Industries to help individuals and families in need of clothing and household goods.