Jun 18, 2024

How One DI Associate Came to Love Her Job

Denaia is in her third year of the Deseret Industries job training program. She is reliable, knowledgeable, and teachable, and is passionate about her employment. 

“It's not like I have to come to work—I get to come to work,” Denaia says. 

But she is quick to admit that she didn’t always feel that way. 

“When I first came to DI, I wasn’t a great employee,” Denaia recalls. “I couldn’t get my attendance or punctuality right, and I wouldn’t work when nobody was around. I didn’t care at that time, but I have changed completely, so that is a big thing for me. I have learned a lot since then.” 

As Denaia chose to put in greater effort at work, opportunities for growth followed. For example, she was promoted to be a team lead, which allowed her to put her leadership skills to use. 

“I have always been a leader, but I had never actually led before,” Denaia says. “Having team members rely on me was challenging at first, but I got used to it. Being a team lead at DI has been a good experience.”

thrift store employee hangs clothes in the processing area of a Deseret Industries store

Denaia’s favorite part of her job is being able to teach others. One of her workplace goals is focused on active leadership, and she is confident that her contributions are making a difference in the lives of her fellow DI associates. 

“I can guide my team members in the right direction,” Denaia says. “I know a lot of things that will help them in their training and help them move forward.” 

In addition, Denaia has taken advantage of other opportunities made available to her through DI. She completed a portion of forklift training, enrolled in computer and business management courses, and is working with a development counselor to prepare for future employment. Denaia would like to become a business owner, specifically hoping to own an arcade. 

“I have learned skills that I will be able to put that into place somewhere else,” Denaia says. “I always have the customer in mind.” 

Visit your local Deseret Industries store today to see how associates like Denaia are keeping the customer in mind.