Thrifting at Deseret Industries

DI Why

There are plenty of good reasons to shop at Deseret Industries, such as: 

  • Getting high-quality products at a reasonable cost 

  • Exploring an ever-changing retail floor that has thousands of donated items added daily 

  • Landing a great find 

  • Helping to keep items out of landfills


Thrifting at DI supports a job training program.

But what some of our shoppers don’t realize is that thrifting at Deseret Industries directly supports our job training program. The proceeds from purchases are poured into helping our associates learn important workplace skills, which prepares them for better employment opportunities in the future. Thus, shopping at DI is a win for everyone. Let’s get into more about what thrifting at DI looks like.

Thrifting at Deseret Industries supports associates like Carlos, who is learning English as part of his job training experience.


Items sold at Deseret Industries

When you shop at Deseret Industries, you will find thousands of items awaiting a new home. Better yet, the retail floor is updated regularly, which means the selection is ever-changing and always fresh. There are eight main areas of the store to explore:

  • Clothing 

  • Shoes 

  • Household goods

  • Home furnishings

  • Collectibles 

  • Books

  • Electronics 

  • Yard


The clothing section is made up of subsections for women, men, boys, girls, and infants. Of course, infants aren’t doing the shopping, but we think you know what we mean. 

  • Clothing is our biggest section. It takes up approximately half the store. 

  • Yes, we have fitting rooms! You can take six items into a fitting room at one time. 

  • Designer brand items end up on the racks just like any other article of clothing, so get your hunt on. 

  • There is a method to the madness of our clothing section, which you’ve probably realized if you have ever shopped at one of our locations. Clothing items are sorted by type, size, and color. 


The shoes section is filled with exactly what you’d expect. We’re talking boots, cleats, sneakers, sandals, high heels, and everything in between—like, maybe even Cinderella’s glass slipper.


Household goods 

The household goods section, which is sometimes referred to as small as-is, includes smaller items that are placed directly on the shelves. Think toys, movies, video games, vinyl records, glassware, home décor, crafts, office supplies, games, puzzles, pillows, bedding, fabric, hats, purses, bags, backpacks, dishware, frames, baskets, knickknacks…you know, stuff like that. 

Home furnishings

The home furnishings section, which is sometimes referred to as large as-is, is reserved for things that would crush the shelves, such as sofas, chairs, tables, nightstands, dressers, entertainment centers, pianos, and bookshelves. So, essentially any item that will be a memorable adventure to get out of the store and into your home. 

  • You must talk to an associate for help with a home furnishing item—the associate will get you a claim ticket. The top part goes with you to the register while the bottom part is attached to the item. The two parts will be matched up when you pick up the item. 

  • We will hold onto your item for one hour after the claim ticket is created. Please complete your purchase within that hour to ensure that your item is not returned to the retail floor. 

  • If you’d rather come back to get your item, we will hold onto it for 24 hours after purchase. Just make sure to pick it up within the allotted time or it will be released and go back on sale. 

  • We will help you get your item into your car, but we are not liable for any damage to your vehicle while loading items. We are also not responsible for what happens after you leave.

  • We will provide twine if you want to secure your load on top of your vehicle—however, store policy says that we can't help tie anything down. It's up to you to decide whether you think twine will do the trick.



The electronics section is all about items that you plug in. This could be anything from small kitchen appliances like toasters, blenders, and hand mixers to household goods like vacuum cleaners, lamps, and fans. It also includes classic electronic items such as televisions, radios, gaming systems, speakers, DVD players, and computers. 

  • You can test electronics, small appliances, and similar items before purchasing. Look for the testing station, plug in the item, and see if it works. Also feel free to connect to items like speakers. 


The books section should be pretty self-explanatory. These items are divided into hardcover, paperback, children, religion, and magazines. And while they may not have their own category, don’t overlook the rest of it, such as cookbooks and sheet music. 



The yard section is designed for the other stuff, including the bigger items that can’t go on the retail floor. But not everything in our yard area is meant to go in the yard. It features items like tools, bikes, sports equipment, artwork, headboards, footboards, camping equipment, lighting fixtures, office and kitchen chairs, stools, large toys, luggage, floral décor, and even kitchen sinks. 

  • Big items in the yard are handled the same way as home furnishing items. If you have a question about an item, just grab an associate and ask for help! 


The collectibles section buzzes with those extra valuable finds—you know, the finds you tell your friends about. This is typically determined by brand or rarity, so what we consider a collectible might not be considered a collectible to you. But isn’t that kind of the idea of thrifting anyway? 

  • Collectibles are kept in a locked case, which cannot be accessed without the help of an associate. 

  • Collectibles are handled the same way as home furnishing items. 

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, try our FAQs or ask an associate while shopping at one of our locations


How donations are priced at Deseret Industries 

When donations are dropped off at DI, they are processed and priced using a good, better, best, exceptional model. Our associates are learning new skills and do their best to price accurately and fairly. 

Why shopping at DI is a great choice

As emphasized previously, thrifting at DI has its benefits—and not just for the shopper. Shopping at DI: 

  • Supports a job training program that enables associates to get better jobs in the future. 

  • Keeps items out of landfills. 

  • Allows you to purchase quality goods at a low cost. 

You can play a part in making a difference one purchase at a time. Visit your local store today and be sure to thank our associates for the hard work they do.