Apr 3, 2017

Contributor Guidelines

Have you done an awesome DIY project using items purchased at Deseret Industries? Is your wardrobe full of clothes you refashioned? Do you have great budget shopping and thrift store tips? If so, your content could be featured on the Deseret Industries blog.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, a DIY pro, or a Deseret Industries fan, we’re looking for you. We’re always searching for good stories and articles about how people have enhanced their lives by shopping at Deseret Industries.

What We’re Looking For:

  • How-to guides on DIY projects made from objects purchased at Deseret Industries
  • Thrift store shopping tips and tricks
  • Sewing and upcycling fashion projects with items from DI
  • Information about budget shopping
  • Fashion articles about styling thrift store clothes
  • Any other Deseret Industries–related tutorials and articles

Submit pitches or articles and accompanying photos to blog@deseretindustries.org.