When you volunteer, you help transform lives by sharing your talents and skills. You'll help individuals reach their career goals, benefit the community, and bless your own life. Wondering what to expect? When you volunteer, you may:

  • Teach life skills.
  • Mentor individuals.
  • Help individuals learn work skills.
  • Participate in community service projects.
  • Participate in humanitarian service projects.

Individuals may volunteer at a Deseret Industries (DI) facility provided they meet age and other risk requirements. Youth groups ages 8 through 16 may volunteer only when accompanied by an adult. Children under 7 years of age are not allowed to volunteer. Contact your local DI for more information and find out what opportunities may be available to you.

Partnering with the Community

We strive to reach out to local communities by partnering with community agencies to help assist those whom they serve and to provide service opportunities for groups and individuals.

Church-Service Missions

Missionaries are needed in a variety of ways. If you're interested in missionary service, talk to your bishop about opportunities or check out Missionaries help by:

  • Mentoring individuals.
  • Teaching life and work skills.
  • Teaching English.
  • Helping individuals find jobs.
  • Developing community resources.
  • Coordinating community service projects.

DI is able to assist individuals because of our professionals and mentors. Small acts of kindness are what transform lives. Watch lives change for the better by working with associates and helping them to learn new skills and gain their independence.

If you are passionate about helping people reach their potential and you enjoy a fast-paced work environment, DI is for you!

Thousands of individuals each year achieve their career goals through the DI programs. There are many opportunities to help in this great work. Learn more about how you can become involved by contacting your local Deseret Industries or visiting the LDS Church Employment Resource Services site.


If you're interested in volunteering, contact your local DI store to find out about service opportunities. Talk to your bishop if you're interested in being a service missionary. We appreciate your desire to serve in your community.

Groups and individuals can volunteer at DI. The gift of your time in service at your local store is a great way for individuals and wards to bless the lives of others.