Jun 6, 2024

How 10-Minute Jobs at Deseret Industries Transform Associates

supervisor talking with store manager

What are 10-Minute Jobs? 

When associates enrolled in the job training program begin working at Deseret Industries, they are taught how to perform their role using a series of 10-minute jobs. These tasks are intentionally designed to be simple, repeatable, and easy to learn in ten minutes or less.  

Associates can complete 10-minute jobs in short increments, making them manageable even for those with limited experience. The goal is to empower individuals to take charge of their own learning and development.  

Example of a 10-minute job  

Curious about how a 10-minute job works? Let’s look at a few examples: 

Example #1: One of the 10-minute jobs associates learn is sorting items. So, when donations arrive, associates on the dock sort them into four categories: clothing, household items, oversized items (such as furniture), and electronics.  This helps the associates in the following processing stations work on their 10-minute jobs.  

Example #2: Associates in the processing area assess donations to determine whether products are in good condition for sale in the store. This decision-making process helps them learn about product quality and value.

women going through clothes

Example #3: If an item is good quality, an associate assesses the item to determine how much it should be sold for. The associate will then place the item in a bin that corresponds with the determined price.   

Example #4: The next ten-minute job is to put a price tag on the item and place it on a cart indicating it is ready for the retail floor.

men tagging products

Benefits of the 10-Minute Approach at DI 

What starts as a 10-minute training can quickly expand into multiple responsibilities. Associates can gradually take on more tasks, leading to increased competence and confidence. 

By breaking down complex tasks into smaller steps, associates feel less overwhelmed. They can focus on mastering one skill at a time, gradually building their expertise. 

Additionally, this method ensures that associates don’t need constant supervision. The simplicity of the tasks allows them to work autonomously, fostering a sense of responsibility. 

Furthermore, each of these simple 10-minute, repetitive tasks can also be done by volunteers and missionaries. The simplicity of the tasks ensures their safety while they contribute to DI’s mission.

store manager and associates meeting

Long-Term Benefits 

Associates who know that their work matters are motivated to perform at a higher level. As associates gain skills, they become eligible for more responsibilities and promotions. This translates to better job opportunities. They see the impact of their efforts and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Building Confidence and Community 

DI isn’t just about job skills; it’s about personal growth. DI associates often arrive seeking work experience or trying to navigate life challenges. Each year, approximately 10,000 individuals are helped by the DI job training program.  

Through training, they discover their abilities and gain confidence. Additionally, the DI community—consisting of staff, volunteers, missionaries and customers—provides emotional support and a sense of belonging.

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Deseret Industries’ job training program is a pathway to personal transformation. By focusing on simplicity, community, and skill-building, DI empowers individuals to create a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Next time you shop at DI, remember that every purchase supports this mission. 

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