About Us

Who we are

Deseret Industries is a nonprofit thrift store and donation center. It was established in 1938 to be a job training facility. DI is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Our name

Deseret means “honey bee” (Ether 2:3). The honeybee represents hard work, productivity, and collaboration.

Our mission

Deseret Industries helps those enrolled in the program improve their lives through work, training, and education.


The Deseret Industries Thrift Store and Donation Center in Houston, Texas, which opened in 2021.

Gently used items donated to Deseret Industries fund our job training program.


DI by the Numbers (2023)

  • Stores: 46

  • Individuals enrolled in DI program: 10,112

  • Items sold: 40,854,673

  • Donated loads: 2,857,660

  • Community grants: 12,208

  • Pounds recycled: 75,878,213

  • Items manufactured: 101,559

History of Deseret Industries 

In 1938, Heber J. Grant—President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—established Deseret Industries to help members of the Church and others in the community. In an editorial following the dedication of the first Deseret Industries location, Elder John A. Widtsoe—an Apostle of the Church—identified four guiding purposes (“Editorial: Deseret Industries,” Improvement Era, Sept. 1938, 544): 

  1. Those who have will be given another type of opportunity to help those who have not. 

  1. Waste will be reduced by keeping our possessions in use as long as possible. 

  1. The work will employ many now unemployed. 

  1. Articles in common use, of good quality, will be available at a low cost. 

The Quorum of the Twelve and Presiding Bishopric encouraged members of local Latter-day Saint congregations to donate items like clothing, furniture, electrical fixtures, metal, and glassware. These items would be sorted, processed, and repaired by men and women employed by Deseret Industries. The items would also be sold to community members at a minimum cost. 


1938: The first Deseret Industries is established in Salt Lake City. 

1939: Deseret Industries expands to California with a store opening in Los Angeles. 

1954: Deseret Industries acquires a woolen mill. 

1957: The woolen mill begins manufacturing blankets and rugs. 

1963: Nine Deseret Industries stores are in operation: six in Utah, two in California, and one in Arizona. 

1978: Deseret Industries Factory is established, which later becomes known as Deseret Manufacturing

1981: A Deseret Industries store is constructed at Welfare Square in Salt Lake City. 

1990: Deseret Industries begins Community Partnerships to help nonprofits support those in the community. 

1991: The Deseret Industries Sort Center is established for sorting surplus clothing from DI stores. 

1997: The Sort Center is renamed the Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center to better reflect its expanded humanitarian effort. 

2001: Deseret Industries standardizes its processes across all locations.

2021: Deseret Industries expands into its eighth state with the opening of a store in Houston, Texas.

2023: 46 Deseret Industries locations exist in the western United States.


The first Deseret Industries store, which opened in 1938 and was located in Salt Lake City. 

The Deseret Industries Thrift Store and Donation Center in Saratoga Springs, Utah, which opened in 2022.

Deseret Industries today

The principles established at our inception still guide us today. Here’s how we accomplish our mission: 

We create better lives for people in the community. At Deseret Industries, Deseret Manufacturing, and the Humanitarian Center, we assist the associates enrolled in our job training program with whatever help they need to find employment. This includes: 

  • Training and job readiness. 

  • Furthering education. 

  • Removing employment barriers. 

  • Building confidence. 

  • Exploring career options. 

  • Support during the job search process. 

We provide low-cost goods to the community. Families, students, DIY creatives, and budget-conscious individuals can find inexpensive secondhand items at DI. In addition to used goods, we produce new items like furniture and mattresses at Deseret Manufacturing to sell in stores. 

We support humanitarian aid efforts. When an item in one of our stores isn’t sold, we often send it off for humanitarian relief worldwide. We donate millions of pounds of shoes, clothing, and bedding every year. We also donate thousands of new items produced at Deseret Manufacturing, such as furniture, mattresses, and bedding. 

We provide a new life for goods. When someone no longer has a need for an item, he or she can donate it, and the item can find new life with someone else. Items maintain value, and we promote a thrifty lifestyle. 

We keep millions of pounds of materials out of landfills. At Deseret Industries, we have a recycling program. When materials aren’t in useable condition, we do our best to make sure they are used in some other way. We recycle textiles, electronics, metals, books, and more.

Your donations support the DI job training program, which helps associates like Mayia learn important workplace skills.


Your contributions

The reason we are able to do what we do is because of the support of the community. Whenever you donate or shop at a Deseret Industries location, you are contributing to our mission by helping individuals access resources that will help them succeed in future jobs.

If you are struggling with employment, consider enrolling in our job training program. Contact your nearest DI location to learn more and to apply.