Jun 4, 2024

Meet the Woman behind the Contagious Smile at DI

thrift store employee hangs clothes on the retail floor at Deseret Industries

The first thing that you will notice about DI associate Asia is her smile. It’s the kind of smile that warms your heart and instantly lets you know you are talking to a friend.  

When asked what word people would choose to describe her, Asia pauses. 

“Friendly,” she replies confidently. 

But what is the story behind the smile? What makes Asia a person who is so welcoming, bubbly, and ready to laugh? 

After living in Syria and Lebanon, Asia’s church sponsored her to come to the United States. She came to learn English. She hopes that improving her English and improving her employment skill sets can open opportunities for her to get more education and more job opportunities.

thrift store employee smiles as she sorts clothes at Deseret Industries

Her path ultimately led her to Deseret Industries, where she was hired as an associate. 

“I’m so happy here,” Asia says. 

Deseret Industries was established in 1938 to not just be a thrift store, but to be a job training facility. Today, DI supports thousands of associates enrolled in its paid job training program. Associates like Asia learn valuable job skills and develop professionally to grow in their careers and unlock better employment opportunities. 

As Asia has worked on developing herself and improving her skills, she has become friends with other DI associates.

“I like everything about working here, especially the people,” Asia says. “They are good people.” 

Through building relationships, Asia has improved her professional skills and become more fluent in English. Talking with her friends and interacting with customers on the retail floor creates an environment for her to practice her English. 

“I’m a good person, so people like me,” Asia says. 

Asia appreciates the safe working environment and feels supported in her work at DI. Thanks to her hard work and initiative, Asia is getting closer to accomplishing her goals and continues to spread her warm, welcoming smile. 

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