Feb 13, 2024

Meet Wendell: Associate Profile

Wendell has faced some significant challenges in recent years. He was the victim of embezzlement, which led to the loss of his welding company, and he experienced a stroke, which caused partial loss of his eyesight. These losses impacted his employment options, but Wendell wasn’t going to give up.

At the recommendation of his bishop, Wendell accepted a job as a DI associate. He is now putting his skills to use and is gaining additional experience that will open new doors for him.

“The training at DI is great,” Wendell says. “I knew how to drive a forklift, but I got certified here.”

Over the last 15 months, Wendell has also seen important changes in who he is. He has become more understanding of his co-workers, which has strengthened his workplace relationships.

“I have learned how to empathize,” Wendell says. “I didn’t have that skill before, and it’s changed my world.

Wendell recognizes that the things he is learning are not unique to the workplace.

“The best part about working at DI is developing life skills,” Wendell says. “I credit this place for who I am.”

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