Oct 22, 2022

Meet Stephanie: Associate Profile

DI associate Stephanie smiles as she hangs clothing in the women's section.
“When I first got here, I wasn’t as social as I am now. But DI has helped me get out of my shell,” says Stephanie, a Deseret Industries associate.
“I want everyone to know that the DI is using the money spent in the store to help other people that need it,” says Deseret Industries associate Stephanie.
Stephanie first came to work at DI after high school. At first, she struggled with talking to people she didn't know on her team. Stephanie’s mentors at DI helped her grow more comfortable, eventually placing her on the sales floor where she could interact more with customers.
Stephanie’s experience with DI was so positive, she encouraged her fiancé to apply as well. He now works as a cashier at the same store as Stephanie, which she says has been a huge help as they’ve saved for their wedding.
DI has also provided Stephanie and her fiancé with lots of opportunities to learn and grow.
“I learned how to lead a team,” says Stephanie. “And knowing that everyone’s different has helped me connect with my team better than I used to.”
Stephanie plans to use these skills as she pursues a degree in business management—an educational opportunity that DI is going to help  her enroll in and pay for. She plans to continue working at DI since it offers her the flexibility she needs to balance schooling with work.
“The DI has helped us,” says Stephanie. “We love it here.”
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