Apr 2, 2024

Meet Sage: Associate Profile

When asked to describe herself in one word, Sage pauses for a few seconds before confidently replying. 

“Happy,” she says with a smile. 

As a matter of fact, her positivity was specifically referenced when she was hired as a DI associate. 

“They said they liked my bubbly personality and that they wanted me to be part of the team,” Sage recalls. 

But her frequent smile doesn’t mean Sage is without challenges. For example, she has autism, a learning disability, and an anxiety disorder, which all present very real struggles. Nevertheless, she doesn’t let these disabilities dissuade her. 

“I feel like I have blossomed since I started working at DI,” Sage says. “I have become a lot more confident, and I am more willing to go and ask for help.” 

Sage first considered seeking a job at Deseret Industries when a friend recommended it as a place to further develop her skills. The fit was perfect for Sage, who not only needed employment but also hoped to receive job training. 

“It was a miracle that I found this job, “Sage says. “I had looked so many places. I prayed about it, asking, ‘Please help me find a place to restart.’” 

Prior to DI, Sage worked in positions at daycares, preschools, retail stores, and an assisted living facility. The last of these, in particular, had a deep impact on her. 

“The experience taught me to be more understanding of people,” Sage says. “We all have our struggles, and we just need that one little bit of kindness, because it goes a long way.” 

Sage is now using her strengths to inspire and encourage her fellow associates. 

“It makes me happy to be that bright person for others,” Sage says. “I can see that my coworkers are a lot happier. They smile, they laugh, they joke around with each other because they see me being lighthearted with them and not judging them for making mistakes.” 

Learn more about how Deseret Industries helps associates like Sage by visiting our About Us page. 

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