Apr 11, 2023

Meet Paul: Associate Profile

In 2015, Paul had his first cancer surgery. Over the next several years, he endured chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which impacted his employment situation.

“I worked in the construction industry ever since I was 19 years old, but that’s something I really can’t do now,” Paul says.

In response, Paul came to work as an associate at Deseret Industries. He hopes that he will soon be able to obtain a full-time job that will allow him to work safely. Paul frequently looks through job search sites and is coordinating with his job coach to find better employment.

“I’m just trying to look for other avenues,” Paul says. “I am trying to get back out there and get on my feet.”

Paul’s experience working at Deseret Industries has reminded him of his own strengths.

“The [training] program works,” Paul says. “I have seen a lot of people come and go. It helps people see their abilities.”

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