Feb 6, 2024

Meet Moses: Associate Profile

Moses brings several notable skills to his job as a DI associate. He works hard, communicates effectively, and learns quickly. But perhaps most importantly, Moses puts his team members first.

“I really want everybody to be successful,” Moses says. “I try to enlighten my co-workers with coaching or tips or assistance. I help others to build skills as much as possible.”

Moses has seen how strengthening his relationships with other associates positively impacts his work.

“We can benefit each other,” he says. “There’s a lot that you can gain from just coming to work every day and saying, ‘Hey, we’re going to come together as a team, and we're going to operate on our on tasks throughout the day.’ We complete tasks, we get things done, we meet the standard, and we try to just be the best possible employees that we can be and stand as a team.”

But co-workers aren’t the only ones Moses supports in his job.

“My favorite thing about working at DI is assisting the customers,” Moses says. “People who are generous enough to spend their time here and donate their possessions make the day so much better.”

Although Moses feels confident in his ability to contribute at work, he understands the importance of improving his skills. He accepted the job as an associate trusting that it would open doors for him.

“I thought DI would be a good place for me to start,” Moses says. “I can prepare for job opportunities, and I can practice for the future.”

To progress toward his professional goals, Moses is meeting with a developmental counselor—a resource that is available to all DI associates. These conversations have guided Moses and helped him know what steps he needs to take.

Moses is also relying on DI to become forklift certified, which will be a valuable skill in the career fields he is most interested in.

“There is so much opportunity if you make an effort to be confident in yourself, to motivate yourself, and to try to become more fit for whatever you possibly can,” Moses says.

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