Aug 29, 2023

Meet Makayla: Associate Profile

Makayla has been improving her communication and customer service skills over the last year while working as a DI associate. She prepares small as-is items for the salesfloor and interacts with customers, which she greatly enjoys. However, Makayla is also looking forward to new opportunities in her role.

“I am waiting to get on the cash register to get some skills on that,” she says.

In the future, Makayla hopes to become a CNA. She plans to enroll in school later this year to begin working toward her career goals.

“I like helping people,” Makayla says.

Her desire to help others has driven her to be successful in her role, but Makayla also expresses appreciation for those who are supporting her development, including her job coach, Troy. She feels the DI job training program is doing for her exactly what it is designed to do.

“[The program] is helpful,” Makayla says. “It helps me improve and get better.”

When she’s not at work, Makayla likes to watch documentaries and go roller skating. She also enjoys trading in her wheels for blades from time to time.

“I’ve been ice skating since I was three,” Makayla says. “My dad really likes going.”

A DI associate smiles while talking to a co-worker