May 23, 2023

Meet Magdalena: Associate Profile

“I was struggling with keeping a job,” DI associate Magdalena recalls. “[Those at my workplace] liked me, and they liked how I interacted with other people—I just didn’t learn fast enough for them.”

In response, Magdalena came to Deseret Industries, where she is working to overcome her barriers to employment. During her two years at DI, she has learned how to drive a forklift, run a cash register, and set manageable goals.

“I am trying to gain all the skills I can so that I can apply to a whole bunch of different jobs,” Magdalena says. “DI is helping us learn every single day.”

Magdalena has also learned the importance of being kind to others, including her fellow associates and DI customers. She notes that even if customers don’t understand the mission of DI, they are still preparing associates for future employment opportunities by shopping at the store and interacting with associates.

“[Customers] are helping us learn the skills we need,” she says. “Each person reacts differently to each situation. That gives us a wide variety of what we might face in future jobs.”

Employee smiling at camera