Oct 13, 2022

Meet Lori: Operations Assistant Profile

With only a few years until retirement, Lori was ready to leave her warehouse job and do something that would be more flexible and more aligned with her interests. That’s when she discovered an operations assistant position at DI.

This part-time role is designed to provide flexibility for workers and is ideal for those looking for an accommodating, rotating schedule who don't need the added training and assistance associates receive. 

“It’s like semi-retirement,” Lori says. “I can live with what I make, it’s relaxing, and I get to spend more time with my family.”

Despite being close to retirement, Lori has continued to refine her skills and put her abilities to good use while at DI. She has helped in several areas of the store, including shoes and books.

Lori always wanted to work in a thrift store, which is what drew her to the position in the first place. But even though she enjoys sifting through donations and putting items out for sale, Lori loves interacting with her co-workers above everything else.

“My favorite part is working with people that have good hearts.” Lori says. “They are good people of all different kinds, so it’s really neat just realizing people’s lives and learning more about them.”

Many DI locations are currently hiring for operations assistant positions. Those who are interested in working a job similar to Lori’s are encouraged to apply.

DI operations assistant Lori