Apr 23, 2024

Meet James: Associate Profile

When James began as a DI associate, he brought more than 30 years of working experience with him. From sprinklers and landscaping to construction and maintenance, James has equipped himself with a wide range of skills. He is now utilizing resources available through Deseret Industries to showcase his skillset and search for new employment opportunities.

“My job coach is helping me try to get a better job,” James says. “He helped me get a resume going at the Employment Center.”

James has a goal to return to work in sprinklers and is preparing for opportunities by learning important workplace behaviors through the DI job training program. He is also improving other skills—such as forklift operation—to increase his employment options.

thrift store employee smiles as he carries a box of donations to the retail floor

When asked his favorite part of the job, it is clear that James is enjoying his experience.

“I love everything,” he replies. “But mostly the forklift.”

James was introduced to DI through a service opportunity and was hired as a DI associate about a month later. Now, he is making important connections with customers and building relationships with other DI employees.

“Everybody here loves me,” James says. “They’ll hate to see me go.”

To support DI associates like James, visit your local Deseret Industries store the next time you have gently used items to donate.