Jan 9, 2024

Meet Hector: Associate Profile

Hector left his native country of Mexico to come to the United States. A year ago, he was introduced to Deseret Industries when a new location opened near his home.

“My niece said, ‘You can work at DI,’” Hector recalls. “I came to the store, and I liked it. It’s a very quiet, very beautiful place.”

After accepting a job as a DI associate, Hector began working toward goals that would help him prepare for future employment opportunities. One of these goals is learning English.

“DI is helping me take an English class,” Hector says. “I love it. When I started work here, I spoke less English than today.”

Hector also worked towards receiving his forklift certification through DI. He hopes the training will open the door to other employment.

“I can see a lot of opportunities,” Hector says. “DI is helping me look for other jobs. Working here is very good for me.”

In the meantime, Hector is building relationships and strengthening his customer service skills.

“My favorite part of working at DI is when I can help people,” Hector says. “I like the customers—I see they are happy when they talk with me. They tell me, ‘Thank you so much, it’s nice to see you.’”

A thrift store worker smiles as he works