Feb 5, 2022

Meet Dina: Associate Profile

Dina—a mother of nine—started working at Deseret Industries about a year ago. She’s now a team lead and helps train other associates. For her, the best part of her job is the people. 

“I just like all the people here,” says Dina. “I get a lot of new people who come in and come to me for advice. I’ve been getting along with everyone here—especially the volunteers.” 

In addition to earning her driver’s license, Dina is working toward a long-term goal of becoming an at-home customer service representative so she can spend more time with her children and grandchildren. Deseret Industries is an important part of that goal, as she says her job coaches have been helping her enhance her professional skills and build her resume.

“I like all the bosses because they’re all really nice,” says Dina. “They’ve been helping me apply for other jobs. That was a big help.”

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DI associate Dina