Mar 26, 2024

Meet Daniel: Associate Profile

One month ago, Daniel arrived in the United States from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The weather here is colder than he is used to, but he is excited about the opportunities ahead of him, including his employment as a DI associate. 

“I want to give my best,” Daniel says, who is on the first day of the job. “I’m interested in cultivating my knowledge, gaining new skills, and learning to become more self-reliant.” 

Daniel first learned about Deseret Industries through the social channels of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He did some additional research, learned about the DI job training program, and received a recommendation from his bishop after arriving in the United States. 

“I appreciate that the Church is giving us an opportunity to work here,” Daniel says. 

While living in the DRC, Daniel worked several jobs, including positions in security, delivery, and food services. He even opened a small shop and ran his own business. He now hopes to develop additional workplace skills, learn American workplace culture, make new friends, and prepare for a job in cybersecurity. 

“I am kind of restarting again,” Daniel says. “I strongly hope that the knowledge I am going to gain here will bring a change in me.” 

Despite being new to the job, Daniel brings many valuable workplace skills, including patience, courage, and communication. He is confident that he can inspire team members and help them grow. 

“I hope to find something in me that might be profitable for them,” Daniel says. 

At the same time, Daniel is excited to learn from his fellow associates and operational supervisor. 

“Whenever I meet people, I always try to take something new that I can add to what I know so that I can empower myself,” Daniel says. 

You can support DI associates like Daniel by visiting your local DI store today to donate, shop, or offer encouragement.

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