Sep 12, 2023

Meet Alex: Associate Profile

Don’t be surprised if you see Alex at the Grammys one day. She has a dream to both manage and be in a rock band. In the meantime, she is working at Deseret Industries and studying business management.

“Just managing a business would be ideal,” Alex says.

To help her reach these ambitions, Alex set goals to complete her college degree and obtain her driver’s license. Goal setting is an important part of the job training program at DI and is designed to help associates prepare for their futures.

“My job coach talks to me weekly about my goals,” Alex says. “I appreciate the meetings because it keeps me accountable.”

In her 15 months at DI, Alex has also developed other skills that will help her in whatever future career paths she might take. One of the most beneficial has been teamwork.

“I have learned how to work with other people,” Alex says. “I see leadership skills in everyone on my team, and I think that’s amazing. Even though we have our set team leads, I see coworkers giving directions and seeing the big picture of the area. We’re all just stepping up and being leaders.”

One way Alex has led is by translating for Spanish-speaking associates when needed, utilizing a skill she learned while serving a Latter-day Saint mission.

“Since day one, I’ve told myself, ‘Alright, I’m just gonna work as hard as I can to complete today’s goals and even try to go above and beyond,Alex says. “I’ve been doing that with my team. All together, we work super hard and super fast but also carefully.”

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