Mar 5, 2024

Meet Abraham: Associate Profile

Abraham is one of thousands of DI associates who are enrolled in a job training program designed to help them improve their workplace behaviors. He has seen how working at Deseret Industries is also having a positive impact on his everyday life.

“It’s nice to have a job because I am learning how to do my finances,” Abraham says. “This is the first time I am living on my own, so I have just been settling in and getting into the routine.”

Abraham previously had a temporary construction job and then worked as a custodian at a DI location in Arizona.

“It worked out for me pretty well,” Abraham says. “I like to keep things clean, and my mother really drove home the idea of having a clean house.”

Because he was familiar with the work training aspect of DI, Abraham sought a job as an associate when he moved to Utah. He has been able to contribute skills he learned in previous jobs and is also focused on developing new strengths.

“I am really good at organizing,” Abraham says. “I am also a bit of an athlete, so I am useful with moving furniture.”

Abraham is continuing to improve his understanding of workplace standards so that he can be prepared for future jobs. He knows his interests and has a plan in place.

“My short-term goal is to get a warehouse job,” Abraham says. “My long-term goal is to work in coding.”

Abraham has met with a development counselor through DI and is also receiving support from his operational supervisor—also known as a job coach. He has seen firsthand that good leaders care about their employees.

“My job coach is really good at making sure everyone is doing well,” Abraham says. “He is relaxed about work in the best way. You don't feel pressured, but you feel motivated to do better at what you’re doing and to help other employees.”

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