May 30, 2024

Deseret Industries and the Church’s Employment Services

A missionary helps a Deseret Industries (DI) employee with employment services at the Employment Services Center

Have you ever noticed that there is frequently an Employment Services center right next door to the Deseret Industries store? You’ve heard that DI’s main purpose is to serve as a job training program for its associates. But do you know what  DI does to help associates find a new job after their time working in the training program?

What is Employment Services? 

Employment Services, like DI is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Employment Services provides free job search help to anyone who is unemployed or seeking better employment. Individuals can receive job search help virtually or in person at an Employment Center, whether they need help with their resume, help finding job leads, or practice interviewing. Skilled employment advisors are available to provide personalized assistance with every aspect of a job search.

deseret Industries employee sorts through donated clothing

The Relationship between Deseret Industries and Employment Services 

Deseret Industries and Employment Services work closely together to help individuals with their employment needs. When employment advisors help a job seeker who may be experiencing a barrier to employment, they might recommend Deseret Industries. At Deseret Industries, the individual can receive help in overcoming the barrier they are experiencing. They also gain. 

In addition to the things they learn through the job training program, Deseret Industries associates work with their job coach and development counselor to gain new skills and reach their long-term employment goals. When the individual is ready to start applying for jobs, their job coach will connect the associate with the employment advisors working in the Employment Center next door for job search help.

employment missionary greets a DI associate at the front desk of Employment Services

What Does a DI Associate do at an Employment Center? 

At the Employment Center, DI associates and anyone else who visits the center can receive a variety of help depending on their needs, such as:  

  • One-on-one coaching with employment advisors 

  • Help writing or updating their resume 

  • Workshops on interviews, networking, and other topics 

  • Mock interview practice 

  • Help finding job leads 

Visit an Employment Center Near You 

Are you looking for a job or do you know someone who is? The resources available through Employment Services are available to you. Like the DI associates you can meet with an employment advisor and learn the most effective job search skills. Visit an Employment Center near you or connect virtually at