Feb 21, 2019

Cute and Easy Planters

Lynn Muir
Blogger at Pocketful of Paint

Looking for a simple, easy craft? Look no further! This craft is practically foolproof, and it doesn’t need to cost you much at all. It’s a great project to do with kids or teens. My nine-year-old loved making these—and so did I.

With some permanent markers or permanent paint pens, a few mugs, and some imaginative spirit, you can have a cute decorated mug to use as a planter and add some character to your home.

Start by hitting up your local thrift store for some old mugs and flowerpots. You can use any color or pattern that matches your home. We found a yellow plaid mug that turned out super cute as a planter. Just remember that you’ll be adding a face to the mug, so make sure that will work with any patterned mugs you pick.

You can get mugs for under a dollar at Deseret Industries.

When you get home, throw the mugs and flowerpots in the dishwasher for a quick rinse, and then you are ready to get crafty!

Once the mugs are clean, it’s time to let your inner artist out. Using your permanent markers or paint pens, draw faces onto your mugs. The faces are better if they are simple. Closed eyes or circle eyes are cute and easy. If you are doing this craft with kids or teens or if you want to be sure your design will work, it can be helpful to draw the faces on a piece of paper to practice first.

Practice makes perfect!

You can really go to town with these little mugs. We sure had fun making up the different faces, looking online for ideas, and getting crafty! 

You can add some fun details like freckles and eyelashes.
Once you have finished all your sweet little faces, you can plant succulents or other plants inside your mugs and make them look like they have a head full of silly hair.

Lynn is a mom, entrepreneur, and crafter who loves helping other people get crafty. She lives in Utah with her husband and their four awesome kids. She and her husband are both self-employed, and when Lynn isn’t at the office with her husband, you can find her at home taking pictures, trying new recipes, crafting with her children, using power tools in the garage, or throwing craft parties. To see more of Lynn’s DIY projects, follow her on Instagram and check out her blog, Pocketful of Paint.