Rebuilding and Moving Forward

“I realized there was hope.”

I am a husband—and father to three beautiful children—who desperately wants to provide for his family. After moving, I could not find employment. We were at the point of exhausting our savings and on the verge of losing our apartment. We had no resources―no phone, Internet, or transportation. When my wife encouraged me to seek help from our bishop, I realized there was hope. Within a week following our visit, I was back to work as an associate in the Deseret Industries (DI) training program. With our bishop’s support and my new opportunity at DI, we had regained our essential resources within three weeks. 

After work, I would spend time at the LDS Employment Resource Center searching for a new full-time position. However, I had a couple of obstacles to overcome, which made the search challenging. I began to get discouraged and anxious. The staff at DI was there for me, helping me obtain the identification I lacked and encouraging me through the rough spots. Working at DI gave me additional experience and the confidence to keep trying.

I am now employed with a very good company. My family and I are rebuilding and moving toward that better future we wanted. I would like to thank everyone who helped me and my family. There is a long list of people who have made this possible. Thank you, every one.

Working at DI gave me additional experience and the confidence to keep trying.”

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