A New Direction

“The development specialist suggested I go back to school”

I had been a grocery manager for fifteen years when I got laid off. After about six weeks of job searching, I decided to volunteer at a nearby LDS Bishops’ Storehouse. Even though I was actively searching for employment and dropping off resumes to every place I could think of, the storehouse manager suggested I visit the development specialist at LDS Employment Resource Services.

At the LDS Employment Resource Center, I attended a career workshop and got help to improve my resume. After counseling with the development specialist, it was determined that I would be a good candidate for development services. I had my medical assistant certificate from a former city, but I never thought to use it. I wanted to pursue my interest in phlebotomy. I took some tests and together we decided that I should further my medical career.

The development specialist suggested I go to school and recommended one nearby. I graduated fourth in my class out of eleven. I even had the highest externship score in school history. After graduation, I went to take the test to become nationally certified. I was dealing with some family concerns and was unable to focus on the national test. I did not pass and had to wait three months before I could retake the test.

At the time, I really needed some money to support my family. I worked with the development specialist and LDS Employment, and they helped me find a full-time job cleaning carpets. This helped me to support my family while I studied to retake the national test. I passed with flying colors and was awarded a state license for phlebotomy. Because I had done so well in my training, I was able to get referrals that led to a good job.

I am grateful for all the help that LDS Employment Resource Services and the Bishops’ Storehouse provided me. I know as a phlebotomist I will be able to serve many people and take care of the needs of my family.

“I will be able to serve many people and take care of the needs of my family.”

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