Steve Arrowsmith's Story

"Maybe we can teach you to love again and to trust again."

Featuring: Steve Arrowsmith     

Steve – When I came to the USA, getting used to driving on the other side of the road was really kind of interesting. My name’s Steve Arrowsmith. I’m from a town called Crewe, Cheshire, in England.

So this is me. I still have all that hair, but I just shave it off. . . . How often do you cut my hair?

Response – Every week.

Steve – Yeah. I came to the USA 17 years ago and went to graduate school. I had the American dream. I had everything. Eventually I just made choices that really led to abusing those around me. And slowly but surely, over 18 months, my wife left. I lost my kids. I lost my house. I lost my job. I lost everything.

It’s almost three years ago. It’s February the 26th. I remember lying there in the complete dark, 2:00 in the morning. And I put this big, heavy, black revolver into my right ear. I was just about to pull the trigger, and then I thought about my kids—my three girls especially. That allowed me to just make it one more day, and then one more day, and then one more day.

Shortly after those events, I moved into my daughter’s home, and they took me along to the local DI to try to obtain a job. When I was there, they interviewed me and said, “Maybe we can teach you to love again and to trust again.” I found myself working there within about two days.

Wendy, Rosie. Hey, Linda. Hi, Stan.

So, my time at the DI, I worked in kids’ clothing. I was cross-trained in most other areas, too, so that if need be, I could step in and help out. And that experience gave me the perfect résumé to be able to apply for a job as a job coach.

How many drums have we emptied today?

DI Associate – Twenty-eight.

Steve – Twenty-eight for the moment on there? OK, thank you.

Now my job consists of being able to work with a team of associates and being able to help them transform into people that can be hired and be kept in jobs.

DI Associate – Yes, thank you!

Steve – I love what I’m doing because it allows me to see and take part in other people getting the same benefits. If they’re ready, and if they work hard, and if they participate in what’s offered to them at Deseret Industries, they can’t fail.

Without those donations, and people coming into the store to either donate or to buy something, I wouldn’t have what I have today. I got remarried. I never thought I’d have that opportunity ever again. I’ve got my kids and grandkids back in my life. I have a new career, very different than the career I had before, but frankly, much more fulfilling. All that comes from having an opportunity to succeed step by step at Deseret Industries.