Frequently Asked Questions


What jobs are available at Deseret Industries, and how can I apply?

We hire associates as part of our training program, and we also hire professional staff members. Check out our careers page for more information about associate and staff positions.

What do the different colored uniforms and aprons worn by employees represent?

Those enrolled in our job training program—our associates—wear red aprons. Staff members and store management wear blue aprons and blue or white shirts with the Deseret Industries logo. The manager on duty also wears a lime green lanyard. Outside volunteers wear gray aprons.

Who do I contact if I need to verify the employment of a Deseret Industries employee?

Please contact our central human resources department at 801-240-8080 for employment verification.

Do you have to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to work at Deseret Industries?

You do not need to be a member of The Church of Jesus Church of Latter-day Saints to be employed as an associate or to donate and shop at Deseret Industries.

What kind of support does Deseret Industries provide their associates?

Deseret Industries provides individualized support based on the situation of each associate. This support includes professional vocational counseling to help our associates determine their needs and goals. We also help individuals enroll in and pay for training, certification, and classes.

How do I become a business partner with Deseret Industries?

If you are a business and are looking to participate in our business partnership program, please contact your local Deseret Industries store and ask to speak with a development counselor.


What items can I donate? Are there any items that aren’t accepted?

Visit our donation page to learn more about the items we accept and how to donate.

Can I donate if I am not located near a Deseret Industries store?

If you are not located near a Deseret Industries store, we have donation pods located across the western United States. Please contact our fleet manager at 801-240-3992 to find out if there is a donation pod near you. If there are no pods available in your area, we encourage you to find an organization near you with a similar mission that will accept your donation.

If I accidentally donated an item, can I get it back?

Deseret Industries does not have a way to track individual donations. Once an item is dropped off, it could be processed in many ways, including being put on the retail floor, sold, recycled, sent to another Deseret Industries store, or shipped for humanitarian relief.

If an item was donated by accident, please contact the store where it was donated as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is unlikely the item will be found.

Can I write off donations to Deseret Industries on my taxes?

All donations made to Deseret Industries are tax deductible. Be sure to get a donation receipt at the dock when dropping off your items.

What happens to unsold items?

We aim for all donations we receive to make a difference. Unsold items are often sent off for humanitarian relief efforts around the world or recycled.

Can I make a cash donation to Deseret Industries?

Anyone is welcome to make a cash donation by way of check or money order to Deseret Industries. To do this, please send payments to the following address:

DI Accounting – Global Service Center

West Office Building – 3rd Floor

120 N. 200 W.

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103-1513

Please specify on your payment that this is a donation.


How are prices determined at Deseret Industries?

Each Deseret Industries location strives to keep its prices low and quality high. Donated items are priced based on a “good,” “better,” “best,” and “exceptional” pricing strategy, but individual prices may vary in different locations.

Please keep in mind that we are a training facility that helps our associates learn job skills. Our training program is made possible by donations and purchases. If you have concerns with the pricing of items at a specific location, please email or contact the store and request to speak to store management.

Does Deseret Industries sell new items?

Deseret Industries offers several new value items that are all brand new, including socks, bed sheets, towels, underwear, blankets, dress shirts, men’s suits, coats, pillows, mattress pads, mattresses, foundations, bed frames, bunk beds, cribs, dressers, nightstands, kitchen tables and chairs, and poster beds. Our furniture and sleep products are produced at Deseret Manufacturing. See a full list of items.


How can organizations, groups, or individuals in the community work with Deseret Industries to serve people in need?

Deseret Industries partners with approved organizations by providing community grants, which allow the people served by these organizations to receive Deseret Industries merchandise at no cost.

Local businesses can participate in our business partnership program by providing an internship-type experience for a Deseret Industries associate. This gives the associate a chance to work in his or her chosen career field and develop skills and confidence. At the conclusion of the business partnership, employers can choose to hire the associate but are under no obligation to do so.

Groups and individuals are welcome to volunteer at any Deseret Industries location. Please contact your local store to schedule a service opportunity.