May 23, 2019

Nine Themed Party Ideas for Thrifters

What makes a party memorable? For starters, a fun theme with some amazing decorations! Whether you’re hosting a group of five-year-olds for your daughter’s birthday or inviting friends over to socialize, shopping at Deseret Industries can help you throw a unique and fun party. Here are nine party themes you can easily pull off using items from Deseret Industries:

1. Adopt-a-Puppy Party

We got this party idea from one of our shoppers, and it’s sure to be a hit for kiddos. Pick up some stuffed animal dogs from DI, and let each kid select one to “adopt” and take home! You can also buy pet equipment like food bowls and dog beds from the yard area—then the kids can use them as they play with their puppies.

2. Tea Party

Have a tea party with teacups and dishware from DI! This is another fun party idea that works especially well for kids. Make it a costume tea party by finding fun scarves, hats, and costume items at DI for the kids.

3. Decades Party

DI is your go-to for all things vintage! Celebrate a decade from the past by searching for items from that time period to add to the party’s ambience. For example, get cassette tapes and Rubik’s cubes for an 80s party, or make wall banners out of records for a 50s party.

4. Color Party

Pick your favorite color and make that the party theme. Then head to DI to find decorations for whatever color you chose. For example, if you want to have a purple party, you can snag a set of lilac plates from the dishware section and a bunch of lavender-colored silk flowers from the craft section. Then pick purple foods to serve and so on.

5. Around-the-World Party

Make world travel your theme! Globes are a popular item at DI and are a great decor item for this party! You can look for model planes in the collectible section. Suitcases and trunks you find at DI will add to the jet-setter vibes for this party.

6. Holiday Party

You can find decorations for any holiday or season at Deseret Industries. From Halloween dance parties to Christmas in July parties, you can deck out your home for any occasion with seasonal decor from DI.

7. Game Night Party

The game aisle at Deseret Industries is always packed with board games, cards, and puzzles. Get a bunch of new games to test out for just a couple of dollars each. And remember—games that are missing pieces are perfect for party decorations. You can use game boards as wall art, scatter extra pawns and confetti on the tables, and make wreaths out of playing cards.

8. DIY Craft Party

Deseret Industries is the perfect place to get low-cost items to upcycle. Get supplies for a DIY project and invite guests to craft with you. Consider transforming scarves into necklaces or personalizing some planters.

 9. Donation Party

Have friends over for treats and conversation, and invite them to bring items that they no longer need to donate to DI.

Have you shopped at DI to prep for a party? We want to hear about it! Email