DI—A Great Decision!

“DI associates have a special opportunity to help others.”

As a recently returned missionary, a lot of change happens very fast. When I came home from my mission, I had only a handful of weeks before I was to resume my studies at the university. Trying to find employment with enough hours during that short time, and a flexible schedule when I started school, seemed a daunting task.

I ran into an old family friend who happened to be a staff member at our local Deseret Industries. She told me about the many opportunities DI gives their employees. Then she explained how DI associates have a special opportunity to help others. At first, I wasn’t sure this was the job for me, that perhaps there was something better awaiting me. I prayed to know what I should do. I decided to go in for an interview. I began a few days later helping on the dock.

In those few short weeks, I was able to make long lasting friends. I was able to help others and, in turn, I learned some lessons myself. I learned to push myself to stay motivated and remain an inspiration to others. I gained leadership experience while working with people from very diverse backgrounds and abilities. My training included learning how to interview for jobs and become an employee every supervisor wants to hire. Most important of all, I had fun. We enjoyed pushing ourselves to meet our potential, always striving to beat our personal records.

About the time school was starting, I had an opportunity I never anticipated. We were dropping off a deposit at the bank, when the bank manager approached me. We made small talk, then he asked if I would be interested in applying for a part-time job as a teller. I got the job, and it has worked out great with my school schedule. I will be majoring in business and finance, so this is a wonderful opportunity to receive experience in something I am interested in. I never would have found this job if I had not been working for Deseret Industries.

I am pleased with my decision to work at Deseret Industries. It worked out for me just the way it was meant to. No matter the situation, DI can help. Thank you, Deseret Industries!

“We enjoyed pushing ourselves to meet our potential, always striving to beat our personal records.”

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