Moving Forward

“I had never had a job before, nor did I even know how to find one."

After high school I left my small hometown and the grandparents who raised me to pursue training in another state in the culinary arts.  I have a dream to one day open my own bakery. When my grandmother passed away, my grades began to suffer and I was unable to get credit for most of my classes. I made the decision to come home.

When I arrived home, I felt utterly useless. I wasn’t in school, nor did I have a job. I had never had a job before, nor did I even know how to find one. Over a month of searching for work passed before a friend told me about Deseret Industries. I would often attend Church with my friends, but I was not a member. I spoke with my bishop and he gave me a referral to DI.

At Deseret Industries, I was taught many useful skills that helped me not only with work, but also school. I was taught the importance of time management, communicating with co-workers, and processing clothes in a timely manner. Although I may never work processing clothing again, the social skills I acquired will help me for the rest of my life.

A few months after I began working and training at Deseret Industries, I began the missionary discussions. Within a month, I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am grateful for the supportive network of friends, both at work and at church.  My friends at the DI are like family, with everyone so willing to help in many ways.

My dream is still to own a bakery. Currently, I am in the process of saving money to once again begin classes. Things are falling into place in my life.  I have moved from a lost and lonely spot to having gained the confidence to attend college. I have a new spiritual life at church.  I owe this to my participation in the Deseret Industries training program.

 “Things are falling into place in my life.”

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