The DI Fostered My Self-Reliance

"I will always be grateful to Deseret Industries for taking me in and giving me a chance."

My husband of almost 31 years suddenly passed away in 2009, leaving me with two daughters and a son to care for. We had our own accounting business, but even though I had my degree in accounting, I felt I couldn’t run the business by myself. So I closed down the business. To say that I was in a deep depression at this time was an understatement. In the midst of this dark and lonely time of my life, I was brought to Deseret Industries in 2010 by a family friend, who was a bishop in the Church.

I started working on the sales floor on some days and in the accounting office on the other days. I remember trying to dodge our store manager when he would look for me to start training on the register. I was so fearful that I would make a mistake while ringing up customers, or that I would be short in my till.  But I survived and it even turned out to be one of my favorite jobs at DI. Since my degree was in commerce, I had primarily focused on finding accounting jobs. With my job coach's guidance, I learned to be open to other fields of employment.

My mentor—a family friend and wife of my bishop—was very supportive of me and was there for every meeting I had with my job coach. She always encouraged me not to give up hope, even when I was frantic that I wouldn't be able to find employment during the time I was at the DI.

My utmost goal was to be self-sufficient and able to face life on my own and to work again in an accounting office; most preferably at a local law firm. So, I was more than ecstatic when an opportunity to work at a well-known firm came up as their administrative assistant through a business partnership. I learned the fundamentals of basic filing of client documents like correspondence, pleadings, applications, and other court-filed documents. After the business partnership was completed, I was asked to work permanently as their bookkeeper and to be responsible for reporting various accounting activities within the company.

I will always be grateful to Deseret Industries for taking me in and giving me a chance, and for embracing me for who I am, even with all the drama in my life. I am truly thankful to our Heavenly Father for opening this door to me, causing me to be at the right place, at the right time, and for turning my life around. I am grateful for dedicated individuals, who kept me motivated with their support and encouragement. 

"I am grateful for dedicated individuals, who kept me motivated with their support and encouragement."

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