The DI Helped Open Doors

"The DI's program gave me the support to improve my skills and abilities with the final goal to be more self-productive."

I’m originally from Colombia. I moved to the United States because I married a man I met 25 years ago in Colombia, while volunteering as a missionary for the Church. When I came to the United States in 2011, my English was not very good and I could only speak a few important phrases. I barely understood others.

I was introduced to Deseret Industries by a friend, who suggested their programs would help me improve my skills. While at the Deseret Industries, I found great opportunities to meet people from different countries, experiences, and backgrounds. I also learned the process of organizing the clothes, prepping the merchandise for the sales floor, and keeping store standards. I learned how we, as associates, could always apply the gospel principles in our work. I really enjoyed our weekly devotionals with our associates and store managers to start the week right to maintain focus, which kept me motivated and gave me a sense of peace during crazy and hectic days.

I love Deseret Industries’ program because they gave us associates the support to improve our skills and abilities with the final goal to be self-reliant and to have more opportunities. I learned that success depends on the personal attitude and motivation of each person.

I started as a store associate and I finished as a lead over cashiers and customer service in eight months. This experience helped me lose the fear to speak in English. One time I asked a customer for details about the item he was looking for, and I confused the words soup and soap. The customer laughed and loved the fact I was learning English. This was one of my many turning points because it allowed me to laugh at my mistake and not let a perhaps embarrassing situation keep me from moving forward with my learning.  

During my pathway to improvement, I found support from my job coach, staff and associates that helped with my English. They suggested what I could do to improve each day, helped me set and meet personal goals, and trained me how to train other associates on ways to improve their work ethic and become more efficient.

Then, I had the opportunity to increase my skills for three more months doing a business partnership with the Church. I improved my social skills and work habits and learned how the Humanitarian Center offers its services world-wide to those in need. I am so thankful to God for this inspiring program and for the people I worked with, including the help and support of my bishop and my husband. The Deseret Industries was the door to my second home. 

“I learned that success depends on the personal attitude and motivation of each person.”

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