I Needed Help

“I sought out my bishop who referred me to Deseret Industries.”

I suddenly found myself a single parent to my three young children. Then, because of personal circumstances, I was forced to live in a new city that was 800 miles away from my family and friends. I had past work experience in sales and customer support, but I couldn’t find employment. I knew I needed help. I sought out my bishop who referred me to Deseret Industries.

My first few months were a struggle because of my living situation and inadequate day care arrangements, but things improved with help from my bishop and community resources. As I was better able to focus on my training, I became a skilled cashier. I was also better able to be an influence for good to my coworkers, trying to encourage, uplift, and be a friend they could trust.

As my Deseret Industries training was coming to an end, I still could not find employment. Then a position opened at a cell phone company. I could have done very well in this position, but the job schedule would have been difficult. I was attempting to rearrange my life around the idea of accepting this new job, when I received an amazing offer from a member of my ward. He managed a large business that provided janitorial services in three states. He came to visit me at DI to explain that he was seeking a replacement for his office manager who was moving out of state. Our bishop had told him about the Deseret Industries’ business partnership program. This is a program where DI partners with a business by paying for the wages of an associate while they work in their office or facility for up to several weeks. He said, “I’d like to interview you…now.” He interviewed me in the DI break room, filled out the business partnership paperwork, and I started work the next day.

I trained on-the-job for three months and was then hired with benefits as the full-time office manager. They now call me the “brains” of this multi-million dollar janitorial operation. My work schedule is perfect for me and my children. I love my job and I love helping to make my company thrive. I needed help—and my prayers were answered by a caring bishop and his referral for me to participate in the Deseret Industries training program.

“Our bishop had told him about the Deseret Industries’ business partnership program.”

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