Back to Work!

“I felt better prepared to begin applying for jobs."

I have loved electronics since I was 21. I built everything from microscopic guidance systems in a clean room, to dermatology laser heads, hearing aids, and large platform circuit boards. At the time I was laid off from my job, I was building computer servers. For the next three years, I collected unemployment benefits. After my benefits ran out, I spent the next four years doing odd jobs such as mowing lawns and working holidays at a book bindery. I did whatever I could to support myself and my son.

Searching for employment was a challenge because we didn’t have a computer with Internet access. I would go to the public library to apply for jobs, but with few results. When I did get an opportunity to interview for a job, I would be turned down because my computer skills had fallen behind. I had had several years of college computer training, but if you don’t use the computer regularly, you don’t keep up with the advances in computer technology. I was getting farther and farther behind.

My bishop suggested I enroll in the DI training program at the LDS Humanitarian Center. They could offer me the training I needed to return to the workforce. There I could work, improve my computer skills, and receive help to update my résumé.

Once I had adjusted to working a regular schedule and had completed a new résumé, I felt better prepared to begin applying for jobs. With the help of a great job coach and a terrific pair of Church-service missionaries, I began the search. After my first job application, I got an interview. There I was given a test to see if I had the right skills. After the test, I went through a series of interviews. The next day the company’s representative called my job coach to speak with me. I was offered a wonderful job with full benefits, perfect working hours, and the best pay I have had since I was laid off eight years ago.

I want to thank everyone for helping me get my life and my son’s life back on track. I had the help of so many great people.

“I was offered a wonderful job.”

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