I Gave DI a Try!

“At first I was reluctant, believing that there was nothing the DI could teach me.”

Before working for Deseret Industries (DI), I had very little job experience and no way of moving forward. I was depressed and discouraged and felt stuck in the lifestyle that I was living. It was my bishop who suggested that I apply for the Deseret Industries training program. At first I was reluctant, believing that there was nothing DI could teach me. Eventually I decided to give it a try. That’s when my life slowly began to change.

Deseret Industries opened up doors for me that I never would have been able to access on my own. They gave me an opportunity to learn skills and to develop myself so that I could progress in my life. I spent almost two years working in different sections of DI. In that time I was able to go through supervisor training to become a lead, earn my forklift certification, obtain my driver’s license, and, most importantly, earn my GED. Earning my GED was something that I would not have accomplished without the tutoring they provided me.

This was all thanks to my job coaches and managers who took an interest in me and continually encouraged me. Working at DI changed my life for the better. Without this experience, I wouldn’t have the job I do now, a job which enables me to support myself and my family.

Thank you, Deseret Industries!

“Working at DI changed my life for the better.”

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