Learning through Service

“I have learned to love someone by serving them.”

When I graduated from high school, I struggled to find a job. My mom suggested I visit the LDS Employment Resource Center. I went so I could get their help in my job search, but I came away with more than a job—I became a better person.

I met a sister missionary there who helped me build an online profile. I next attended a career workshop, which taught me vital skills, such as marketing myself in 30 seconds and using power statements during an interview. I was also provided a mentor, who became a great motivator and help. He counseled with me to make sure that things were going well and encouraged me to improve my skills. I also met with the development specialist, who presented me with an opportunity to participate in a business partnership where I could gain needed confidence and experience.

The experience I gained from the business partnership made a tremendous difference. I was employed to keep house for a woman who just had surgery. I was asked to manage a list of multiple tasks. My learning curve not only included cleaning a home, but how to prioritize projects without becoming distracted, how to be on time, and how to ask appropriate questions to ensure quality work. 

I never knew how someone I barely met would have had such an impact in my life. Through this experience, I have learned responsibility and service to others. I have learned to love someone by serving them. I never would have met all of these wonderful people without this program. It has changed and transformed my life for the better.

“The experience I gained from the business partnership made a tremendous difference.”

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