Aug 5, 2019

Meet Ernesto: Associate Profile

In ten years, Ernesto hopes to own a home, have a family, and be running a thriving business.
Ernesto started working at Deseret Industries as a way to get some backup income. About eight months ago, he started his own company doing landscaping, carpentry, and other handyman work. However, he wasn't getting enough steady jobs, and he needed some extra support. So he started work at DI.
Ernesto didn't know anything about DI's job training program when he first started. "They offered me help with schooling, and I didn't know they did that. It's great," he says.
His main goal is get his business up and running, but Ernesto is grateful for the opportunities available at DI.
"I can do schooling and get certified. I have all these options now that I didn't know about. DI has opened my eyes to that," he says.
Associate Ernesto helps a customer pick up a donated chair