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Mar 28, 2019

Want to Help Deseret Industries Serve the Community?

Deseret Industries exists to serve the community. We provide job-training and education to people who need help getting started in a career. Want to help us serve? Here’s how:

1. Shop at Deseret Industries. When you buy items from DI, the funds from your purchases help people in your community get job training and build meaningful careers.

2. Donate items you no longer need. Donations dropped off at our stores or pods make it possible for us to run our program.

3. Spread the word! If you know someone who needs job help, encourage them to check out Deseret Industries.

4. Volunteer. Stores occasionally need help stocking shelves, bagging items, accepting donations, and more.

5. Join us as a Church-service missionary! Church-service missionaries can serve between 8–32 hours a week, and they work one-on-one with individuals in our job-training program. They conduct trainings, tutor and guide associates, and make a difference in the lives of those they work with.

6. Don’t have a Deseret Industries in your area? Shop or donate to other thrift stores with similar missions.