Badge-to-Badge Videos: How Deseret Industries Helps

Deseret Industries is a great place for anyone struggling with employment, including those who are returning to the workforce, have been unsuccessful in previous jobs, need an update on their skills, are recently returned missionaries readjusting to post-mission life, have mental, emotional, or physical challenges, or have other struggles affecting their ability to find and maintain a job.

Here are stories from a few of our associates about the challenges they’ve overcome and the careers they now have.

Badge to Badge: Erica's Story

Erica was a young mother struggling with addiction. She now has a management position at another company and is maintaining her sobriety.



Badge to Badge: Mo’s Story

Mo was working as a police officer when he was injured on the job. He lost his leg and had a long recovery ahead of him. He now has a job in security, and he is happy to be working in a field that he loves.



Badge to Badge: Phyllis’s Story

Phyllis and her husband were both in retirement when they needed to return to work. Phyllis is now a director at her local library.



Badge to Badge: Ariela’s Story

Ariela struggled to find employment after moving to the United States from Peru, where she had worked as a psychologist. At DI, Ariela participated in business partnerships and gained confidence working in another culture. She now has a master’s degree and works as a mental health therapist.


Badge to Badge: Corey’s Story

After overcoming a 17-year meth addiction, Corey earned his GED and became a certified machinist with the help of DI.



Badge to Badge: Sudipa’s Story

Things were difficult when Sudipa and her husband moved to the United States from Nepal. After the birth of her first child, Sudipa wanted to return to work and help support her family. Sudipa now works as a dental assistant.



Badge to Badge: Angel’s Story

Angel constantly struggled with school while growing up and then with employment as an adult. At Deseret Industries, Angel gained the confidence she lacked and was able to find career success.



Badge to Badge: John’s Story

John was working as a millwright when he broke his arm. After recovering, he realized he could no longer do what he used to do and that he needed a new start. John now has a job in security.


Badge to Badge: Cami’s Story

After coming home early from a Latter-day Saint mission because of health issues, Cami was looking for direction. With the help of DI, she gained web programming skills.


Badge to Badge: Heber’s Story

When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, Heber retired to help take care of her. After she recovered, he needed to work again. He now teaches at a private school.



Badge to Badge: Kaitlyn’s Story

Kaitlyn was born hard of hearing and struggled to find a job after graduating from high school. Working at DI helped her gain confidence in her skills. She now works in retail.


Lori's Story

After serving in the military, Lori found herself homeless and addicted to drugs. She got help from Deseret Industries and is now a full-time job coach.

Janet's Story

After going through a painful divorce, Janet needed a job to support herself. She got help at Deseret Industries and now has a full-time job with benefits, which was her goal all along.