Agent Stake Operating Committee


Every Deseret Industries store is managed ecclesiastically by an agent stake president and his operating committee. The following video is a training video that the agent stake president can use in the committee to help committee members understand their roles and how to support Deseret Industries.


The Area Presidency or a member of the Presidency of the Seventy assigns a stake to oversee each welfare operation. The president of the assigned stake organizes an agent stake operating committee to assist with the management of Deseret Industries and Development Counseling Services.

Members of the agent stake operating committee include:

  • The stake president
  • The stake bishops’ welfare council chairman
  • The stake Relief Society president
  • A Deseret Industries store manager
  • A development counselor
  • Other specialists, as needed

The agent stake operating committee should meet at least quarterly to provide priesthood guidance and support to the operation.

Duties of the Agent Stake for Deseret Industries and Development Counseling Operations

Provide priesthood guidance

Provide priesthood guidance to the welfare operation about specific concerns and needs of priesthood leaders throughout the coordinating council or councils and how to address them.

Ensure quality service

Become familiar with the activities of the operation. In locations where a Deseret Industries is present, regularly visit the store. Seek feedback from patrons and provide recommendations.

Represent the operation

Represent the operation in coordinating council meetings with the Area Seventy and in telephone, email, and other communication with other stake leaders, members, friends of the Church, and local government officials. Invite input about the operation’s programs, services, products, and key challenges.

Coordinate missionary service and volunteer labor

Work with the unit manager or development counselor to determine volunteer labor needs. Coordinate and follow up with stakes on their missionary and volunteer labor commitments.

Train leaders

Host regular training for ward and stake leaders on the purpose of Deseret Industries and Development Counseling Services, the assistance they provide, how to access these services (including operating hours), and volunteer opportunities. Ensure that each existing and new leader has received this orientation. The manager of the welfare operation, who is a member of the committee, can assist with or conduct the training as directed by the agent stake president.

Help maintain facilities

Agent stake operating committees that support both a Deseret Industries store and Development Counseling Services should visit Deseret Industries to help assess needs for maintenance, repairs, and improvements. The store should be clean, orderly, and free of safety hazards.

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