Could you redo a room in your home with items from Deseret Industries, $500, and five weeks? That’s the challenge we gave to four different households. Watch the episodes below to see what our participants did!

Watch the Project DI Series

Brian Designs a Teen Boys Bedroom

Brian Clark is a professional interior designer, and his Project DI was a new bedroom for his teenage son.

Cade and Ashley Create a Playroom

For their Project DI, Cade and Ashley furnished a playroom for their kids.

Callan and Holly Make a Home Office

Callan and Holly are a young couple living in a downtown apartment. Their Project DI? Create a home office space.

Linda and Roy Redecorate a Bedroom

Linda and Roy are longtime DI shoppers. They took on the Project DI challenge to redo a bedroom in their home.

Extra Tips and Tricks

Want to know how our participants pulled off their challenges? Here are some of their secrets!

How to Spray-Paint Furniture

Linda and Roy’s secret? Spray paint! You can use spray paint on a lot of items, and it will totally change the look and feel.

How to Make Your Own Woven Bulletin Board

Brian used fabric dye, a frame, and woven belts to make a unique bulletin board for his son’s room. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial.

What’s Your Project DI?

You don’t have to have any special talents to use Deseret Industries in your life! Whether you’re a shopper redoing a room in your home, a donor decluttering your space, or an associate working toward a future career, you can use Deseret Industries to create something great. What will your Project DI be? Share what you do using #ProjectDI.