An Excellent Start!

“I am on the right track to a successful future.”

I needed to move forward with my life, but I had no work experience except for babysitting. When I spoke with my bishop, he told me about the Deseret Industries (DI) training program, where I could receive the experience and job training I needed in a friendly and helpful environment.

I had a whole team at DI helping me. My job coach, development counselor, bishop, and other staff members all helped me learn. I struggled at first with unpleasant tasks, difficult customers, and working for long hours, when I had been accustomed to not working at all. But with the support of my team, I am different today and can face challenges with confidence. I know what I am supposed to be doing and how to do it. I know what I am capable of. This has changed my life, because I am now able to set goals for myself and I understand how important it is to be a responsible member of a team.

My life is better now because I am on the right track to a successful future. My experience at DI has changed me. I have become the type of person I want to be to fulfill my dreams. I would recommend DI to others. It is an excellent start for anyone! I thank my Heavenly Father for everything that led me here.

“I had a whole team at DI helping me.”

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