Willing to Work Hard

“I was awarded 'Employee of the Month'”

I am sixty-eight years old, have only an eighth-grade education, and struggle with some memory loss. Finding a job has been difficult. I began working at Deseret Industries, where I was taught custodial work. I proved that I was willing to work hard, so the development specialist arranged to pay my salary in a partnership with a local business. There, I learned additional skills such as cleaning carpets with appropriate chemicals.

The development specialist at Deseret Industries continued working with me and told me of a position at a large hotel. I was offered the job, but it was very challenging. There I have five stories to clean, including windows, bathrooms, and floors, and I was given a seven-page booklet of detailed instructions. Even after two weeks working like the “Energizer Bunny,” I was not able to finish all of my tasks on time.

Two of my new friends, missionaries serving as employment outreach specialists atDeseret Industries, came to help me succeed. They followed me throughout my shift and watched me work. What they noticed was that I was spending too much time running from floor to floor to complete my tasks. The idea came to them to make me a set of cards that detailed what I needed to do on each floor. I used the cards and finished 15 minutes early! They went home and prayed for additional guidance. They brought me a new set of cards arranged with tasks according to each day, which proved to be even better because I finished a half hour early!

I am very grateful to my special friends at Deseret Industries and the missionaries serving at DI. With their help I was awarded “Employee of the Month” and was told, “You’re awesome, Dave.”

“Two of my new friends, missionaries serving as employment outreach specialists at Deseret Industries, came to help me succeed.”

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