I’ll Come Back Tomorrow!

“My job coach said he was happy to have me on his team and that his team needed more people.”

I was desperate and in search of anything to provide a living for myself and my two young children. I had spent a couple of months searching for jobs with no luck. I found myself at what I thought was the lowest of lows. When I first walked through the “Employee” doors of Deseret Industries (DI), I thought that this would be my first and only day. As I was leaving, however, my job coach said he was happy to have me on his team and that his team needed more people. I quickly thought to myself, “Oh, OK, maybe I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Sure enough, I went back the next day. I met with my team and my new job coach. My job coach was kind and patient as he taught me what I would be doing. I felt like I caught on quickly. I instantly began making friends. Day by day I kept coming back. In a short time, working at DI became fulfilling. It was a different kind of environment, one I couldn’t quite put into words. I loved it. I began hating having to go home each day.

I struggled some days. I felt overwhelmed with work while going to school and being a single parent. But, every time I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore, my job coach was there to encourage and uplift me. He made me believe in myself over and over again.

A couple of months into my time at the DI, the job coaches were assigned to new areas. My new job coach was incredible and kind like my previous job coach. He took an interest in my goals. Our weekly meetings were beneficial and kept me on track. Soon he noticed the potential in me and made me a team lead. What a boost of confidence that was! I was loving it! I thrived on the responsibility and loved that my coworkers could come to me for help.

I began applying for other jobs. With every interview I was so worried that I would actually get a job and have to leave the DI. I hated that feeling. With every interview I would find some reason to be pessimistic that it just wouldn’t work out.

Several interviews later, I was offered a position as a teacher’s aide. Everything felt right. It was a field where I had experience and a position that was a perfect fit for me and my family. I was heartbroken, however, to give my notice to the DI. I shed many tears and didn’t know if I could go through with actually leaving. The DI had given me a place where I felt appreciated, where my hard work was noticed, where every day I was told how I could make my goals a reality.

Six months after what I thought was the worst point in my life, I realized it turned out to be the greatest blessing I have ever known. I found happiness, self-worth, and confidence. I learned that I am someone amazing and have the ability to make my dreams come true. Deseret Industries and my job coaches changed my life. I am forever grateful for what they provided me—an opportunity to grow, live, and love.

“Deseret Industries and my job coaches changed my life.”

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