Oct 28, 2019

Six Thrift Store DIY Halloween Costumes

Kimbo West
A Girl and a Glue Gun

Deseret Industries is an excellent resource for putting together fun and unique Halloween costumes. Plus, all purchases from Deseret Industries help our associates get job training, so you can put together a great costume and help your community at the same time.

Kimbo West from A Girl and a Glue Gun put together six easy DIY costumes from Deseret Industries. Get inspiration on how to outfit your family for Halloween!

1. Flower Child

We picked up the perfect shirt for my daughter’s flower child costume at DI. You could also snag a tie-dye shirt if that’s more your style. We just added some fun daisy ribbon from the craft store and a pair of sunglasses.

2. Mummy

This white dress we found at DI was meant to be a mummy costume. We added some spray paint to help age the dress. We also bought and ripped some fabric to add mummy wraps on my daughter’s arms and head. You can add a lot more fabric for a true mummy look if you want. You could also swap out fabric for toilet paper or crepe paper.

3. Milky Way Galaxy

My son doesn’t love dressing up. But since he could hold a basketball, he was on board for this look. We found a black shirt and a basketball at DI. We painted the shirt with some fabric paint to get the look of outer space, and we painted the basketball to look like the earth. You could do a similar look with a black dress from DI, or you could add some black pants for a whole space outfit.

4. Rock Star

Growing up, a punk rocker costume was always one of our go-to Halloween costumes, so I loved this one!

We found some fun glasses and headphones at DI and spray painted them silver. We added slinkys from the dollar store to my daughter’s hair, and we had a toy guitar already, but you could thrift both those things too. We also found this netted skirt and sequin shirt at DI, and they felt just perfect. There were a lot of options for funky rock star clothes there!

You also could adapt this idea to make a “futuristic” or robot costume. 

5. Little Red Riding Hood

We snagged a red tablecloth and basket from DI for this fairy tale favorite. I had to sew a little bit for this one; I used the tablecloth as a cape and added a hood. You can use the hood from a jacket or sweater you have at home as a pattern. My daughter wore the cloak over a cute floral dress we had at home. Little red riding hood is a great option for chilly Halloween nights because you can bundle your kids up under the cloak and it doesn’t take away from the costume. You could also try to find a stuffed animal wolf in the toy section and carry that around in the basket.

6. Scarecrow

This costume was so easy to put together! We found a cute plaid shirt, a farmer’s hat, and a craft with some straw/raffia—all at DI! I hot-glued the raffia between two pieces of fabric and put it up the sleeves of the shirt, and I hot-glued some directly to the hat! Overalls and some makeup complete the look! 

Kimbo is a craft lover and mom of three from Idaho. Some of her favorite things include her glue gun, rain, and pajama pants. Find her on Instagram or visit her blog.