Donate to Deseret Industries.

It's more than a thrift store.

When you donate and shop with us, you make Deseret Industries (DI) much more than a thrift store. At DI, we take the stuff you don't need and put it to really, really good use. We train our employees in a range of career fields to enable them to find work specific to their skills. So, by donating to DI, you are not only giving your things new life—you are giving people new life.

How it works


It starts with quality donations.

The DI experience begins when donors like you bring their gently used items to a local store. DI associates, who are receiving on-the-job training, help you unload your items and provide you with a receipt for your tax-deductible donation. 

How to donate


Donations are organized and sorted.

Once your donation leaves your hands, associates sort your items based on their location in the store and their relative value. Clothing is sorted by size and color, furniture is sent to a staging area, electronics are tested, and smaller items are organized. 


Goods get a new life.

Shoppers come to DI six days a week to find useful household items, gently used clothing, or cool gadgets and antiques. Shoppers put your old items to good use in a new home and environment. 


You help fund job training.

Every time you donate to or shop at DI, you help fund job training. The associates at DI come from a variety of backgrounds and often need help finding steady employment. DI provides on-the-job work training experience. Each of the associates also receives one-on-one job coaching and develops a career plan. DI helps fund further educational or work training opportunities for many associates.


DI helps people find a career.

"In Deseret Industries, the individual's labors are fitted to his capacity. … Here … are found some of the most happy people on the face of the earth."

David O. McKay

"The Silver Anniversary of Deseret Industries," Improvement Era, Aug. 1963, 653

We offer a variety of training opportunities to help individuals gain the skills to succeed in today's job market.

Success stories from our associates