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Oct 3, 2019

What Do Associates Learn While at Deseret Industries?

Carmen had been a CNA for many years. After moving to Utah, she needed to take a new test to gain licensure in the state. Unfortunately, Carmen failed the test. She was nervous and unsure when she couldn’t receive her license. 

However, failing the test was a blessing in disguise for Carmen. When she couldn’t receive her license, she came to Deseret Industries for help. At DI, Carmen is studying and preparing to retake her test, but she is also learning something she was never taught before: how to be a good employee.

“My favorite thing that I’ve learned is how to work as a team,” says Carmen.

You may have heard that Deseret Industries is a training program, but what does that really mean? It means that when associates come to work at DI, we help them learn job skills, build confidence, successfully search for jobs, continue school, receive certifications, and more. The program is tailored to the needs of each associate. 

What Job Skills Do Associates Learn?

Associates may be doing a variety of training activities at DI. But whether they’re taking classes at a technical college, gaining experience through a business partnership, or participating in a job search workshop, we help associates develop the qualities needed to be successful and valuable employees. Associates can use these behaviors and qualities in any future job.

Each day, associates come to work at DI and receive mentoring from job coaches. While sorting clothes or working at the cash register, associates are also learning and practicing ready-for-work skills in five areas. Our associates learn to be:

  • Dependable.
  • Productive.
  • Professional.
  • Teachable.
  • A team player.

Are You a Good Employee?

These skills are important for anyone wanting to become a better employee. Use the following checklist to evaluate your own work behaviors. Are you a good employee? Where could you improve?

I Am Dependable

  •  I work my assigned schedule.
  •  I am on time.
  •  I request schedule changes and time off according to policy.

I Am Productive

  •  I stay on task in my assigned area. 
  •  I follow quality standards.
  •  I work at the speed required to complete my part of the work.

I Am Professional

  •  I come to work with appropriate clothing and hygiene.
  •  I follow company policies.
  •  I control my emotions while at work.

I Am Teachable

  •  I follow instructions promptly with a positive attitude.
  •  I seek, accept, and apply feedback.

I Am a Team Player

  •  I support my team in their work.
  •  I treat everyone respectfully.

These skills are important for any good employee. It’s important to gain practical skills and certifications, but it's equally important to develop the skills that make a good employee. At Deseret Industries, associates can receive career help from two directions—educational and behavioral. When associates leave DI, they leave ready for work and prepared to be a good employee.

“When you leave DI, you have knowledge and experience. People who come from DI are strong,” says Carmen.