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Sep 26, 2019

Thrift Your Way to a Stylish Bookcase

Bookcases can be a fun and functional way to decorate your home and show off your personal style. Creating the perfect bookcase is all about creating visual interest with texture, depth, layers, and colors. Here are a few tips to help you display your home library in a fun and fresh way.

1. Think about the look you want from your bookcases.

Start by searching for a bookcase that fits your style (and your space). You can find all kinds of bookcases at Deseret Industries. For a more symmetrical look, try to find bookcases of similar heights and styles. If you want more visual interest, look for bookcases that are totally different from each other. Additionally, consider painting your bookcase for a new look. You can stick with neutrals or dress it up with a fun color.

2. Bookcases can hold more than books.

This may feel like an odd tip, but don’t fill your bookcase with only books. Adding other items to the space can create more variety and visual interest.

Use the space on the shelves to display items connected your hobbies. If you’re into sports, place trophies and baseball gloves on your shelves. If you like art, display cameras and paintbrushes in the space.

Your decorations can bring meaning and memories into the room. You could display family heirlooms, picture frames, and photo albums on your bookcase. Other decorative items to use include trays, baskets, and greenery.

3. Don’t over-style the bookcase.

When a bookcase is packed full of items, it’s overwhelming to look at. Leaving a little empty space can help create a more relaxed look.

4. Get creative with bookends.

You can use all kind of items as bookends: picture frames, figurines, vases, and more. Look around DI to find some neat items to use.

The bookends featured here are finials from a fence.
The bookends featured here are finials from a fence.

5. Alternate between the spine of the book and the pages.

Traditional bookcases always shelve books with the spine facing outward. However, it can be fun to mix it up and shelve some with the pages displayed.

See how great it looks to have a mix of spines and pages? This photo also shows how you can use books themselves as bookends.

6. Create a color story.

Use similar colors to create a theme. Each shelf might house a different color, or you could do an entire bookcase of black-and-white books. If you want to do a shelf of a certain color and you’re lacking books, stop by your local DI.

This stack of books uses red as a color story.

7. Use books of different heights to create visual interest.

It can be visually appealing to put taller books in the middle and shorter books on the sides to create a tapered look.

8. Use baskets, trays, or other storage items.

Baskets, bins, and trays make great receptacles for books, and they can add a different look to your shelf.

9. Stack books vertically and horizontally.

Switching up the way your books are stacked is another way to make a bookcase look more modern.

10. Create layers.

Place some of your shorter decor items or picture frames in front of your books to create depth.

The taxi truck decoration is a souvenir that brings great memories and draws the eye.

11. Use the top of the bookcase.

The top of your bookcase can be a great place for baskets of books or picture frames. Don’t ignore that extra space!

12. Stack books on items or items on books.

You can use books as risers for items that need a little extra height, or you can put books on top of bigger items.

Use these photos for inspiration.

Ready to jazz up your bookcase? Visit your local DI to gather items, and then get styling! Tag us on Instagram at @deseret_industries. We want to see how you use DI to enhance your bookcase.